Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.

2018:   1/23, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15, 6/19, 7/24, 8/21, 9/18 (2 pm), 10/16, 11/27 (2 pm), 12/18 (2 pm).
2019:   1/22, 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21, 6/18, 7/23, 8/20, 9/24, 10/15, 11/19, 12/17.
2020:   1/21, 2/18, 3/17, 4/21, 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/22, 10/20, 11/17, 12/15.

Meeting Topics and Discussion Leaders.

Any missed? Available on the member portal in both video and PDF summaries.

Microsoft, Jody McCann, Director of Strategy, Operations and Sales.
  Discussing: "Coaching for Success: World Class Sales Teams."

Siemens, John Clendening - Sr.V.P. Corporate Marketing Siemens Automation.
  Discussing: "Hiring and Retaining Top Marketing Talent."

Intel, Robert Fogel, Business Development, Principal Education Architect.
  Discussing: "Doing Business in Developing Countries: Handshakes vs. Handouts."

Reebok, Thomas Shine, VP Sports Marketing & Entertainment Worldwide.
  Discussing: "Building a Culture of Marketing Performance."

Reuters, Eran Barak, Global Head of Marketing and Strategy in Collaboration Services.
  Discussing: "What Exactly Is Customer Service? Defining the Art."

United Airlines, John Slater, V.P., Sales.
  Discussing: "Selling in a Complex, Changing Industry."

Motorola, Barbara Goworowski, Sr. Director, Marketing North America.
  Discussing: "Are Your Customers Listening? The Transformation to a Customer Focused Company."

Harland Clarke, Stephen Nikitas, Sr. Marketing Strategist.
  Discussing: "Account Holder Insights that Unlock Greater Profit Potential."

Chubb Group, Michael Reicher, Sr. V.P., Eastern U.S. Marketing Officer.
  Discussing: "Building a Sales & Marketing Culture."

Ryder System, Sheryl Pattek, V.P. of Marketing.
  Discussing: "Visibility and Driving Demand."

AXA Equitable, Michael DePiazza, V.P., Strategy & Innovation.
  Discussing: "A Case Study in Marketing Strategy and Innovation."

McGraw Hill, Ted Smyth, Executive V.P., Corporate Affairs.
  Discussing: "Thought Leadership: Run it Like a Campaign!"

Chubb Group, Seth Hopkins, V.P., Chicago Regional Marketing Manager.
  Discussing: "Positioning / Selling a Premium Product Through Intermediaries in the Marketplace."

Acxiom, Ben Rothfeld, Global Director, Marketing Strategy.
  Discussing: "Knowledge-Based Testing: Testing Your Way to Customer Nirvana."

Columbia Business School, David Rogers, Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership.
  Discussing: "The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Age."

Harrahs, Matt Bowers, Matt Bowers, V.P., Total Rewards and Marketing Training.
  Discussing: "Relationship Marketing Overview."

ManPower, Susan Wright-Boucher, Regional Director of Sales-Pacific Region.
  Discussing: "Employee Engagement as a Competitive Force."

Pirelli, Riccardo Cichi, VP of Sales and Marketing.
  Discussing: "Why Sales and Marketing Should Work Together."

Mrs. Fields, Cassie Alvey, Director of Sales.
  Discussing: "Maintaining a Sales Force."

Oracle, John Gaffigan, Federal Civilian Sales Director.
  Discussing: "Professional Selling."

Wrigleys, John Machak, Sr. Manager, Sales Capability and Performance.
  Discussing: "Now You're Talking: The Art of Constructing the Perfect 5 Minute Presentation."

Carnival, Jodi Kinmon, Sales Manager
  Discussing: "Relationships Reign - How Science Converges with Sales."

ITT Technical, Deborah Brent, College Sales Director.
  Discussing: "Elevating Sales Performance Metrics through Performance Management Methodology."

A.T. Kearny, Vidur Bhandari, Principal.
  Discussing: "The Future of Sales Force Excellence."

Oracle, John Gaffigan, Federal Civilian Sales Director.
  Discussing: "Professional Selling: A Refresher on the Basics."

Subway, Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer.
  Discussing: "Challenges of Sales Management."

Chally Group, Scott Hudson - V.P. Sales and Marketing.
  Discussing: "How World-class Is Your Company's Sales Strategy, Organization, and Talent?"

ManPower, Susan Wright-Boucher, Regional Director - Pacific Region.
  Discussing: "Global Workforce Trends Impacting Sales Rep Attraction & Retention."

Boston Consulting Group, Mark Lubkeman, VP Sales & Marketing.
  Discussing: "Front Line Sales Activation."

Principal Financial, George Jamgochian, Managing Director, U.S. Institutional Sales.
  Discussing: "Sales and Today's Economy."

AT&T Mobility, Karl Bricker, Regional Sales Director.
  Discussing: "Business Writing: From Intro to Closing and Beyond."

Microsoft, Teresa Carlson, Sales Director.
  Discussing: "Class Selling: Best Practices for Achieving Sales Excellence."

Eaton, Kevin Thayer.
  Discussing: "Engaging Support Teams in the Selling Strategy."

Verizon Communications, Steve Young, Group President, Markets.
  Discussing: "How Sales Executives Ensure Sales Tactics Sync With Corporate Strategy."

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